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My Story

We take life for granted so often, thinking we have forever to step fully into our dreams; Sometimes we don't fully appreciate the simple gifts of every day life watching a sunset, smelling freshly baked bread, having a laugh with a friend or a long conversation with a family member. It wasn't until I lost my brother in an accident that I realized the fragility and magic of being alive. This was back in 1995, in Colombia... and it was the path that ultimately lead me to the practice of Yoga. 

After training and studying in Colombia and Europe to be a theater actress I decided to go to India for furthering my studies in Theater without realizing it was my yearning to learn about Yoga that pushed me to go! There I decided to take the first 200 hours Teachers Certification in Hatha Yoga thinking I just wanted to learn to breathe and control my nerves better when I was in stage. I ended staying and traveling in India for six months. I moved to New York  and I learn about other styles of Yoga like Jivamukti and Anusara. In NYC I did a second 200 hours Teachers Certification with Shri Dharma Mitra in his studio in East 23rd street. Living in a fast paced city like NYC can really teach you how important is to have an inner peace and tranquility. The attention to alignment and details was what brought me to complete my third 200 hours Teachers Certification in Anusara Yoga with B.J Galvan. In 2015 I finished an advance 300 hours training with Noah Maze in L.A. I love being an student because the process of learning all that yoga has to offer is an infinitive journey! 

Finding Yoga helps me feel at ease with the many tests that life puts in our way.  And it continues to teach me everyday that there is a place where we can be more at peace in both heart and mind.  When was the last time that you realized how blessed you are for being alive and for the people that love you and are in your life?  I teach classes that are both challenging and fun, with strong emphasis on alignment.  We will breathe, move, sweat and laugh. My classes are all about honoring and celebrating the gift called LIFE. 

 I am also a Certified Holistic Health Coach from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NYC, helping people to find the balance in their life through a holistic approach.  I help people to achieve their personal goals and become their best selves.